Have Spoon, Will Travel

I'm a sucker for a good, mouthwatering food/recipe blog and the internet is positively stuffed with them.  In my free time, I pore over innovative recipes and droll over good-enough-to-eat photographs, all while being amazed by the creativity and genuine passion of these dedicated food bloggers.  So what makes me feel like adding my own contribution to the mix? Simply put, food blogging combines two of my greatest passions - eating and the written word.

In writing The Traveling Spoon, I also hope to grafity my passion for travel and adventure. Ever since childhood, I've been finding my way around the globe; first with my parents, then solo, and now with my husband, Matt.  So while you'll see some food and recipe posts here (and hopefully some good pictures - I'm still learning!), you'll also hear travel tips, stories from the road and ideas for adventures I've yet to have.

I've been blessed to see (and taste!) some unique corners of the world, but sometimes it seems like all that travel has left me with no real place to call home. I hope that this blog will allow me to carve out my own niche, make some new friends and finally find a place to hang my Traveling Spoon.