Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why 'The Traveling Spoon'?

When I first thought about blogging (I'm ashamed to admit how long ago that was) I had so many ideas for concepts, themes and the titles to go along with them. I knew I wanted to write about food, but I also wanted to write about my other great interests in travel, fitness, nutrition, reading and so much more.  I just wasn't sure how to make it all fit together.  And so I waited.

One by one I crossed names and ideas off my list as they no longer seemed to 'fit,' or as others found them first. I thought we could do a his-and-hers food blog called 'He Cooks, She Cooks,' but that was already taken.  Even 'A Moveable Feast' had been claimed - although I guess that one's kind of obvious even to non-Hemingway fans.  Finally I settled on 'The Tasting Spoon' because I liked the idea of 'tasting' different areas of life on the blog and also because I make generous use of a tasting spoon while cooking.

Title decided, I was relieved and Matt started to set up the blog.  Of course, The Tasting Spoon was already taken - and every possible permutation of the title he could think of.  Out of ideas, he replaced 'tasting' with 'traveling' and we got the green light.

I now think the change was fortuitous, since I want this blog to be as much about where I've eaten as what I've eaten. Also, like my tasting spoons, the traveling spoon actually exists! At the moment, it's a black plastic spoon that I picked up at Chipotle, or some other quasi-fast-food place.  I keep it in my purse because, hey, you never know when you're going to get to/have to eat. In the past, it's been pink and plastic and from Yogurtland or silver and shiny and from my kitchen drawer.  It has even, at times, been a fork - the only thing it has never been is a spork, because I hate them.  But that's a story for another day.

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