Friday, March 18, 2011

Leftover Gnocchi for Breakfast, Czech-style

Nothing fancy, today - just a plate of delicious, leftover gnocchi cooked up with light and fluffy scrambled eggs in the style of my Mum's leftover Czech dumplings.  I'm sorry to any Italian readers who think this is a sacrilege, but they really are delicious.  They may not look it, but you'll have to trust me!

Growing up, dumplings-and-eggs was a favorite breakfast treat, to be looked forward to on the morning after any special occasion.  My mother usually made pork tenderloins, with sauerkraut and dumplings for dinner and, though the dumplings were nearly everyone's favorite part of this traditional family meal, we always tried to save a few to be enjoyed the following morning when our appetites finally sharpened.

The texture of these gnocchi reminded me so much of my mother's dumplings that I knew they would be good with eggs as well.  I had no problem saving a few as the recipe made so many!  The sage is a welcome addition and the dish is so simple to prepare - spritz a frying pan with oil and heat the gnocchi until they just begin to brown and crisp (this adds flavor and helps the eggs adhere), beat together a few eggs, with milk if you wish, add to the pan and stir until cooked.  Sometimes the best dishes are the simple ones that owe their origins to a mix of cuisines - this one is no exception.  If you make the gnocchi (and you should!) be sure to save a few and give it a try!

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  1. This breakfast dish looks so yummy and I think this is healthy too isn't it? Please also share the recipe I will make this for my kids too.