Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Report

After last week's pre-wedding post, I thought it only fair to return with a few impressions of the big day. As most of you probably guessed, I did get up at 3am on Friday to watch the live coverage.  It's rare that I actually watch TV (we only have one now because we're living in a hotel) so I thought I'd take advantage - and, in any case, what girl wouldn't want to see a real live fairytale in the making?

I took great pains not to disturb Matt, keeping the volume low and the lights off, and I think this made it even more exciting! By the time we caught our first glimpse of Kate Middleton being bundled into her car, I was eager with anticipation. I loved the dress and thought that she looked beautiful, though it wasn't at all what I expected. Comparisons have been drawn between Kate's dress and that of the late Grace Kelly (incidentally, another commoner-turned-princess) and I have to admit that the similarities are striking.  Of course, if you have to draw style inspiration from someone, Princess Grace is an excellent choice. I actually think I prefer Kate's updated version, with its slightly sleeker silhouette.

While some of the guests looked frightfully dour, William and Kate looked happy and more than a little nervous, which was sweet and refreshing.  I loved the moment when Prince Harry, upon looking back at Kate, whispered "Wait 'till you see her" to his brother (incidentally, Matt thinks I should get a job as a lip-reader since I caught all these whispered moments long before they appeared on the news).

I liked the Queen's lemon-yellow coat and had some good laughs at a few pieces of millinery (Princess Beatrice's ghastly hat, however, just made me very, very sad). The flowers were one of my favorite parts about my own wedding - they leave so much room for personal expression - so I was surprised by Kate's simple bouquet. I expected something much larger or more elaborate, but I really liked her choice and her decision to line the aisles of Westminster with live trees. Many commentators have mentioned the couple's desire to make the wedding feel 'intimate' and, given the vast space they were working with, I think they did a decent job.

Naturally, I saved the most important part - the food - for last!  Even though it was fruit cake (can you tell I'm not too fond of this particular confection?), the wedding cake was gorgeous and the detail so impressive. Of course, if I had to choose, I'd grab a slice of William's McVities chocolate biscuit cake. For those of you who've never experienced a McVitie's biscuit, they're almost as tasty as Cadbury's. Matt and I had two cake flavors at our wedding but, in all the rush and excitement, I only had the chance to try one. I just hope Kate let her hair down, now that the wedding's over, and had a piece or two!

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