Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Memorable Weekend

This weekend, Matt and I drove down to visit his family in South Carolina where we...

Great garage sale finds - does anyone else remember these?

Fresh South Carolina Peaches (these may make an appearance in jam-form later!)

Bought some apple butter here!

and even Baked:
Chocolate Chip Cookies with a secret ingredient...Coconut Oil!

Memorial Day is important to us so it was great to be able to spend it with family. Stay tuned this week for more updates and an AMAZING chocolate chip cookie recipe using heart-healthy coconut oil!!


  1. I totally remember the American Girl paper dolls!! Love them! :)

  2. Me too! I was so excited when I saw them (even though Kirsten is a little the worse for wear!) that I just had to buy them - 50 cents a piece is a small price to pay for such a trip down memory lane :)