Thursday, January 12, 2012


Have I told you that my voice is back? Although I'm mostly recovered, my mid-winter bout of laryngitis has made a mess of my start-of-the-year plans. For one thing, it kept me housebound for several days, and meant that I wasn't able to exchange Christmas gifts with my good friend, Ashley, until yesterday.

Ashley was my very first food-blogger friend, though we actually met because we're nearly neighbors and go to the same women's Bible study. She blogs over at Watchu Got Cookin'?, where she's constantly turning out the most delicious-looking recipes - she's even been making her own pasta! She and her husband went home for the holidays and came back with the most thoughtful present: a Traveling Spoon-themed recipe box (made by her husband!).

I love that it's see-through so I don't even have to remove the cards to read them - less chance of stains and spills that way - and I can't wait to start filling it with some of my favorite recipes. I'm also glad that this present gives me an excuse to share all the other kitchen-themed presents I was blessed with this year. From baking pans and cutting boards, to Japanese treats and Cheez-It Scrabble, I guess my family and friends know how much I love food!

Before Christmas, I posted a foodie wish-list, but I could never have imagined so many lovely presents: a tea set, a vintage apron, Williams Sonoma baking pans, cookbooks and a kitchen timer, to name but a few. Thanks everyone!

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  1. Awww, thanks!
    You have to let me know how the Julia Child book is! I would know these gifts belonged to you if I just saw the pictures! Hot tea and cookies!