Friday, February 18, 2011


Let me set the scene.  A girl sits at a high-leg table in a small, two-bedroom apartment, typing away at a computer.  The too-small cupboards bulge with baking pans and utensils and hand-washed dishes are stacked in a drainer by the sink.  Just outside the window, the rolling, red-dirt plains stretch away to the horizon, anchored by a low ridge of mountains that breaks up the otherwise barren and featureless skyline.

View from the Wichita Mountains

When I read others' blogs, I like to imagine their surroundings - maybe a cramped and kitschy kitchen in a New York borough or an airy, sunny space with a generous Mid-western pantry. So now you know a little about mine.  For the past few months, this has been my Oklahoma home.  Before that it was Germany and in another couple of months, it will be Tennessee.  Sometimes it seems like the only constant in our lives is change!

A year ago at this time, I was still riding my bike over the cobbled streets of a German market and eagerly awaiting the start of white asparagus season. Now I spend weekends hiking in the Wichita Mountains and have discovered the delights of fried pickles and Longhorn burgers. Who knows what the next few months will bring?

Oklahoma Sunset
I was a little apprehensive about starting the blog in the middle of a move, but then I realized that there will always be a reason to delay.  Sure, we've had to put a lot of our travel plans on hold (we were supposed to schlepping with sherpas in Nepal next month) but I think there's enough material in 'the archive' for me to work with.  Matt and I had some great opportunities to travel while we were in Germany and I've been meaning to write them up for a while. I'm also still busy writing up a journal of a month spent walking across Spain last year so I'm sure that will feature occasionally.  Then, too, there are a few local gems and some things I've discovered living here that are worth sharing.  That's one of the beauties of travel - any place beyond your front door will do.

I guess this is just a particularly long-winded way of saying I'm excited to see where the future, and this blog, will take me.

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