Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stop Talking, Start Blogging

"Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both." ~ John Andrew Holmes

I love writing. I love traveling, eating, and reading and, for a long time now, I've loved the idea of blogging about all these things.  The problem is that I also occasionally love to procrastinate. I always get the job done, but it's often under pressure and at the last minute. Of course, I'm aware that not everyone else operates like this and for those who don't, the stress and pressure it causes seems like senseless self-torture.  You see, I'm married to one of the greatest non-procrastinators I've ever met.  When Matt and I were planning our wedding (which we pulled together in less than three months - not because of procrastination but because of work schedules) he was the one keeping me on task with spreadsheets and to-do lists while I was still scribbling notes in ink on the back of my hand.

Since then, we've learned to work together and actually found that our different styles complement each other, but I'd guess that, at times, my habits still test his vast reserves of patience. In fact, I'm sure of it and I present this blog as proof. I've been talking about starting a blog for so long now that he has finally decided to call my bluff. He's the one who set up the account and gave me a five-minute 'intro to blogging' tutorial which has led to this first post.

Actually, he started it a while ago and it's been sitting here empty because I was unsure of where to begin and how to make a start.  In short, I've been procrastinating. So it's ironic that procrastination has finally driven me to get things going.  I have a deadline looming for a project and, if I'm honest, I'd rather be doing anything than thinking about that deadline.  I've already done two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen sink and baked a batch of brownie bites.  The kitchen floor is freshly swept and dinner is in the oven.  I guess it's time to stop talking and start blogging!

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