Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nashville Noshing: Demos'

Well, I've reached the last of my Nashville Noshing posts - and finally come up with the bacon I promised on day one! I certainly hope you decided it was worth the wait, because a visit to Demos' Steak & Spaghetti House is, I'm told, a necessary part of any successful trip to downtown Nashville.

Demos' was the final destination of our weekend together - a last celebratory lunch after a Sunday morning church service downtown (yes, we went to church on a bachelorette weekend - we're goody good girls!). Serving Italian and American cuisine, and 'the best steak in town,' Demos' has four generations of local service behind it and the loyal clientele to prove it; I've read that the restaurant is so popular with tourists and locals that there's often a line out of the door - especially during their $4.25 weekday lunch special!

Thankfully, we were able to get a table immediately on this Sunday afternoon, which left more time for us to view the menu. Our waiter took our drinks orders - ice teas all round, accompanied by their homemade liquid sweetener (no additives, no preservatives) - and left us with a few recommendations to ponder. In the end, Christi, Sara Beth and I all ordered the Bacon-Wrapped Filet of Beef (a Demos' classic, and a great value at only $11.99!), while Victoria opted for the Blackened Chicken Pasta.

Ice Tea with special Liquid Sweetener

Each entree comes with a side of spaghetti (you can substitute veggies, potato or rice, but why would you? I tried their pasta with Seafood Sauce which was rich, creamy and wonderful!) and a choice of soup or salad. Their 'famous' Baked Chicken Soup arrived steaming hot, with a bowl of shaved Parmesan cheese for sprinkling and a basket of hot, buttery, garlic-cheese rolls. Even though the service was pretty quick, I had a hard time not filling up on the delicious sides before my medium-rare, bacon-wrapped steak arrived.

Bad photo, great steak! (Yes, that's bacon you see in the foreground)

Of course, the meal was worth the wait. A huge slab of protein proved the perfect antidote to Saturday's sugar overload, and the beef was cooked to perfection. Two lightly crisped strips of bacon wrapped the filet in a smoky crust and provided a nice contrast to the creaminess of the pasta. Victoria's Blackened Chicken Pasta also looked creamy and delicious, but one thing is certain no matter what you order at Demos' - you'd better come hungry because the portions are generous! In spite of my best efforts, I ended up saving half of my entree for later, which was a great way to prolong a nice experience and a delicious meal.

After a weekend of great eats and good fellowship, our lunch at Demos' was the icing on the cupcake! Okay, so some subsequent online sleuthing uncovered a few Demos' haters (most of then complaining about long lines or steaks not cooked to order - neither of which we experienced), but since I can only judge from my own experience, I'm giving Demos' two enthusiastic thumbs up. It may not be as original as a Gigi's Cupcakes or as refined as an evening at Cabana, but it serves up tasty, hearty food that's great value for money. What more could a hungry girl (and her friends) ask?

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