Thursday, February 23, 2012

Budget Travel's Best Travel Movies of 2011

I got my Budget Travel magazine last week, which means it's time for another travel-related post. The magazine has become a bimonthly which makes me sad, but thankfully I'm still a fan. In honor of the upcoming Oscars, this month's issue had a feature about the best travel movies of 2011- and I'm sad to admit that I haven't seen a single one!

You can see their picks here, more than one of which is on my to-watch list (I'm eager to see 'The Way' after my experiences in Spain), but it made me wonder just what travel movies would make my list. To be honest, there are just too many good ones out there to choose (at least Budget Travel had the advantage of being limited to one year) but here are a few of my favorites (based on scenery, not necessarily storyline):

Before Sunrise/Before Sunset (Vienna/Paris)
Under the Tuscan Sun (Italy)
A Little Romance (Paris, Verona, Venice)
Letters to Juliet (Tuscan countryside)
Seven Years in Tibet (Tibet)
A Good Year (France)
Gladiator (scenes filmed in Morocco and Malta)
Notting Hill (London)
Pride and Prejudice (English countryside)

Okay, so that's just a quick list (and I haven't included any of my foreign-language favorites) but it's enough to make me yearn for the road! So now it's your turn to share; what films spark your wanderlust? What are your all-time favorite travel movies?

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  1. I love traveling and often find myself watching movies for the same reasons - to live vicariously thru the film! I've seen 5 of your picks - need to check out the others! There's nothing like traveling!

    So glad you popped over and liked my kitchen! Happy to have found you and am a new follower. (my hubs would love that egg in avocado).

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I really do envy your kitchen - we're in a tiny rented apartment at the moment, but someday I'll get my dream space!

  2. Rach, you have to see Midnight in Paris. Its phenomenal. For me, 'The Beach' would also have to be on that list.

    1. That was the other one on the list that caught my eye! I really want to see it! And I'm probably one of the only people in the world that hasn't seen The Beach - guess I have some movie homework to do!

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