Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Camino de Santiago - A Documentary by Joel Addams

A year ago at this time, I was in Spain finishing up my 600-mile journey on foot across the north of that beautiful country. I've mentioned this trip several times on the blog, usually from a culinary perspective (of course!), but this documentary gives a more complete glimpse of life on the Camino de Santiago.  It was directed by Joel Addams, a talented, Utah-based photographer whom I met during my first evening on the Camino, so the experiences of those in the film are very much contemporary with my own - some of the interviewees even became my traveling companions! The film does a good job of illustrating the many and varied reasons pilgrims are drawn to the Camino.  Not everyone walks for reasons of faith, but nearly every pilgrim comes away stronger and refined by their experience. This short documentary is a great place to start for those interested in learning more about this centuries-old pilgrimage route through Spain.


  1. I really enjoyed your short film. It is moving and inspiring at the same time. The Camino beckons and I can't wait until I get the chance to go. I hope to go very soon so I can experience it like some of the folks in your piece.

  2. Juan, I also hope you go soon - It's a wonderful experience! Be warned, though, that most people who finish it want to go back! I know I do :) Buen Camino!