Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food at Your Fingertips!

So, I had planned to post something else today...and then I stumbled across these adorable fake food rings and thought I'd share them instead! I've always been captivated by miniature things and these rings are just so extraordinarily detailed.

All pictures courtesy of Sou Zou Creations
Sofia of Sou Zou Creations sells these amazingly realistic and unique rings in her Etsy store and they've been popping up in various blogs for a few weeks now. You can tell she's based in Japan when you look through her collection - there are lots of sushi or matcha-themed items and the attention to detail and focus on all things kawaii (cute or charming) is characteristically Japanese. Even if they're not your style, it's a lot of fun to look through her collection and be impressed by her creativity - these rings look good enough to eat!

P.S. This isn't a promotional post - I just thought these rings were cute!

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