Monday, June 20, 2011

Take me Paris?

I'm not usually a twice-a-day blogger, but I just stumbled across something that I just had to share, in case any of you happen to be spending your Monday afternoon/evening browsing my blog (if so, Hi!). Jordan, of the beautiful and creative blog Oh Happy Day, is hosting a giveaway. If you've been around the blog world for a while, you know how much excitement a giveaway can create, but this one isn't for cake mixes, or homemade goods or even a new cookbook - all of which are excellent things, by the way, but just not in quire the same league as the actual prize.....a trip for two to Paris!

Between this contest and my recent post about the charmingly French La Baguette Bakery and Cafe in Colorado Springs, I'm suddenly craving a fresh croissant, a steaming cup of drinking chocolate, or some real macarons. If you're interested (and who wouldn't be!) you'll have to act fast because today is the last day to enter. Follow this link to find out more and enter yourself for a chance to win. Bonne chance!

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