Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Traditional British Pudding Recipes" FREE Kindle download

True story (i.e. embarrassing but cute vignette from my English childhood): My family moved to the UK when I was four years old. Since my birthday came up shortly after our arrival, my mother made plans to bake a cake for sharing with my new school friends - that is until I came home and announced that all British school children celebrated their birthdays with pudding. Fortunately, my mother's suspicions were aroused and she did enough prior research to discover that 'pudding' was just a catch-all British term for dessert!

In the end it was a phrase well learnt: anyone who disparages British food clearly hasn't tasted their desserts (or Cadbury's chocolate!), and in the years that followed that early and important lesson, I would become intimately acquainted with British 'puddings.' They may give them funny names - like treacle, flapjacks, and, of course, the infamous spotted dick - but they still make them wonderfully delicious. And now you can, too!

"Traditional British Pudding Recipes" is currently available as a free Kindle download, so if you've always wanted to try Sticky Toffee Pudding (there's that word again!) or just want to celebrate the Olympics with a bit of host-country style, this book is a great find.

I have yet to try any of the recipes, but I should warn you you'll need a scale since they're given in metric measurements - and you may find some of the ingredients unfamiliar (caster sugar, for example, is extra-fine granulated sugar commonly sold in the UK). Also, while the term 'pudding' is used to denote pretty much any kind of dessert in UK parlance, most of the recipes in this book are for actual baked or steamed puddings, so you won't find Victoria Sponge Cake or Shortbread here. That being said, how can you argue FREE?

Update: I just came across Traditional British Biscuit Recipes for free, also (Biscuits = Cookies, and everyone loves cookies)! Apparently there are two other books in this series so I'll keep my eye on them and let you know if they come up for free as well.

Note: This does not constitute a review, nor was a I compensated in any way for this post - I'm just passing along free books!

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